A forum for change

A collaborative space for partners to develop new policy ideas that aim to decarbonise through the use of renewable and biodegradable materials and energy sources

How we will work

Broadly the ECBPI will advocate for policies which have a positive impact on regenerative and restorative practices that help close the carbon cycle through the use of renewable and biodegradable materials and energy sources.  

The ECBPI will work as a loose coalition of the like-minded, including researchers, academics, NGOs and other associations, policy makers and businesses interested in this sector.  The ECBPI will create a meeting and discussion space for all its partners to co-design policies to regenerate territories both ecologically and socially.  The employment of renewable materials and energy is a starting point for new initiatives to decarbonize, innovate, regenerate different value chains.    

The ECBPI is non-political and adhesion to the initiative is free for all entities in 2021.  The ECBPI may receive funding for specific actions from any of its partners or from external sources, subject to disclosure.

The ECBPI is founded by David Newman and will be represented by him for the first two years.